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Choosing a Locksmith

Updated: Mar 23

Choosing the right Locksmith can be daunting & delving into the unknown.

Think about it, when you employ the services of a locksmith, you are putting a vast amount of trust into them being trustworthy and honest for obvious reasons.

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Ask How Long The Locksmith Has been Trading

Always ask the Locksmith how long he/she has been trading, and what his/her credentials and qualifications are, and also ask if they are fully insured & CRB (DBS Checked & Cleared), if they struggle to come up with any of the above mentioned, likelihood is they are not fully qualified and experienced.

Locksmith Reviews & Review Sites

Can you fully trust reviews from Check sites & review sites?

The answer is no, its well known that many of the review sites are manipulated and often preferential reviews are negotiated or even paid for.

Google reviews are by far the most honest way to check Locksmiths reviews, as anyone can leave reviews on googles open platform!

Always check Google Maps for a genuine Local Locksmith Listing, and check the reviews, example here

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